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Water Heating Installations

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Having a steady supply of hot water when you need it is one of the little luxuries of life. but water heating has become a regular part of home plumbing so much that it is difficult to imagine a life without it. However, to get the best out of this appliance, you must have it installed properly by water heating installation experts. When your water heater is not installed properly, you may end up with water damage, high energy bills, or a fire hazard. Whether you are working on a new building, remodeling your home, or replacing an old water heater, you need professional plumbers that understand the water heater replacement and installation process and what it entails.

Storage Tank Water Heater Installation

This is most often the type of water heater installation we carry out for homes and commercial buildings in San Mateo. A Storage tank water heater system is made up of an insulated water storage tank which supplies hot water when needed. The power supply can be electricity or natural gas with the electric model being the cheaper option. Properly installing a storage-tank water heater ensures that you always have a steady supply of hot water available at the right temperature.

Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heater Installation

A tankless water heater as the name implies does not have a storage tank for water. Rather, the water supplied from your water line to the heater goes through a heating coil that can heat the water immediately. This supplies hot water on-demand. Generally, tankless units are considered more energy-efficient than storage tank models. However, they tend to supply a lower but steady amount of hot water per minute compared to a storage tank heater. If your hot water need is minimal (I.e. you do not run multiple plumbing fixtures at the same time), a tankless water heater installation is recommended for you.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heater installation

Hybrid water heaters are considered the most energy-efficient types of water heaters. These types of units combine the principles of operation of storage tank units and tankless heaters. However, how well the unit works depends on the location. They do not work well in cold spaces and will only work better in areas with a temperate of between 40° F to 90° F. also, because of how hybrid heat pumps are designed, you need to have enough clearance space in your property to install one.

Water heater replacement services

Although water heaters are designed to have a relatively long lifespan, like every appliance, they do not last forever. When your water heater gets old and you need to have it replaced, you can consult San Mateo plumbing for your water heater replacement. We will remove the old heater unit safely and install a new one in its place. Our specialists will also recommend the best alternatives that will get you the best result based on your water heating needs.

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